Welcome to Arksoft, Software for Programmers

Hello, I am a Sun Certified Java Developer for the Java 2 Platform (2000) Let me explain a little about what you may expect to find here. This web site will be my rendition of a Java and related Technology support site. Do not take this site to be the authority on these topics, but merely an alternate source of information based on my opinions.

Most of the menu items lead for now to an article on the topic. So this site for now is mainly a site with informitive articles and some ideas. By calling this site "Software for Developers" I am saying that I am targeting programmers and students and not end users. I hope to help the Java community with the following as I have time. And hopefully after the reader finishes my articles they will be inspired to install and try out some of what I have been talking about.

My goals are simple.I want to keep with the pioneering spirit of the web, with the easy disimination of free information and colaboration. I only have time for piecemeal growth. Hopefully I can get a little attention and provide someone with some useful information, opinions (like my friend Dave Ramsey "I'm an expert on my opinions"), and direction. Thanks and enjoy.